Expanded New Construction Program to Benefit Residents, Businesses and the Environment

The New Construction Program (NCP), is designed to increase energy efficiency and environmental performance in residential and commercial buildings.


Simplifying Customer Application Process is the Goal

The NCP, which will replace the existing new construction energy efficiency programs, will also simplify the customer experience and application process for all new construction buildings, with a long-term goal of transforming the new construction market in New Jersey to one in which most new buildings will have  “net zero” energy usage.

Incentives for Builders, Developers, Raters and Other Trade Allies

The NCP will provide incentives for energy efficient and all-electric technology in new buildings in the coming months and support many of the Energy Master Plan’s strategies and goals for New Jersey’s energy efficiency program. The target market for the NCP is builders, developers, raters and other trade allies.

Other Programs Now Combined Into One New Construction Program

The existing residential and commercial/industrial new construction programs are proposed to combine into a single New Construction Program for new construction and major renovation projects.

For More Information

Information about the status of the program can be found on the NJCEP website or by signing up for NJCEP’s Energy Efficiency Listserv.