Investing in Clean Energy with Community Solar

Community solar programs allow utility customers to access solar energy and invest in clean energy without having panels on the roof.

The New Jersey Clean Energy Program now offers community solar, so consumers can save money on their electric bills while investing in clean energy. Community solar projects allow greater access to solar energy. Electric utility customers who haven’t been able to go solar because of the cost, having a shaded roof, or living in a multifamily building can now access solar energy. Consumers can check with their utility providers to see whether community solar options are available in their neighborhood.

How is New Jersey Doing?

Data and news from the Solar Energy Industries Association on solar energy in New Jersey can be found here. Listings of community solar installation projects from the pilot phase and community solar program can be found here.

Be a Part of New Jersey's Clean Energy Future

New Jersey joins the increasing number of states and municipalities across the United States that offer community solar programs to make provide equitable access to clean energy.