New Jersey’s Energy Efficiency Program Transition

In 2018, Governor Murphy signed into law the landmark legislation known as the Clean Energy Act. The law called for a significant overhaul of New Jersey’s clean energy systems by building sustainable infrastructure in order to fight climate change and reduce carbon emissions, which will in turn create well-paying local jobs, grow the state’s economy, and improve public health while ensuring a cleaner environment for current and future residents.

As part of this statewide undertaking, the Clean Energy Act required New Jersey’s investor-owned gas and electric utility companies to reduce their customers’ use of gas and electricity by set percentages over time. To help reach these targets, the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities approved a comprehensive suite of efficiency programs that would transition the state to some of the highest energy savings in the country.

These “next generation” energy efficiency programs feature new ways of managing and delivering programs historically administered by New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program™ (NJCEP).  While NJCEP will continue to offer some energy efficiency programs, all of the investor-owned gas and electric utility companies will now also offer complementary energy efficiency programs directly to their customers, as shown below.

Visit the New Jersey Clean Energy Transition Page for full details in English and Spanish.