We are the New Jersey Clean Energy Learning Center

The Education and Training Portal for New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program


Reasons to Get Smart with Us

We provide information on the programs, technologies, equipment and methods that enable the transition to clean energy in New Jersey.

Reducing Load

Homeowners, business owners, and contractors can learn ways to make your home and buildings more energy-efficient.

Efficient Equipment

Search our portal to learn about equipment and systems designed to save energy.

Renewable Energy

The New Jersey Clean Energy Program uses renewable energy to move New Jersey towards 100% clean energy by 2035.

Residential or Commercial

The New Jersey Clean Energy Program has many programs for homeowners, business owners and contractors.


Net Zero 2035

The Heat Pump Academy provides information and education for stakeholders across the building industry who want to know more about heat pumps; how they work; what their benefits are; and how they can help New Jersey meet its energy and environmental goals. Offerings include basic explainers, comprehensive training programs for building professionals, and resources.

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Meet Our Experts

Net Zero 2035

Victoria Dollon

Assistant to Director, Center for Building Knowledge

Deane Evans

Executive Director, Center for Building Knowledge

Christine Liakus

Program Manager, Community and Institutional Facilities

Terra Meierdierck

Energy and Education Program Manager

Amy Stinchcombe

Project Coordinator

Erica Yaeger

Project Coordinator